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Concept of God and its relevance to our lives. Lecture: Keith Small,
Oxford University, 2009

Martyrdom in Christianity and Islam (audio included): Lecture: Keith Small, Westminster University, Harrow, 2008
The Christian Jesus Written dialogue: Keith Small, Mufti Yusuf; AWAAZ newspaper, 2007

 How Christians and Muslims understand each other (audio included) Lecture: Keith Small; Batley England; 2007

Did Jesus Think He Was God?
(audio included)
Lecture: Keith Small;
Nottingham Trent University, 2007

Jesus the Life (audio included) - Lecture:
Keith Small; Bradford University, 2007

Jesus: the Son of God, the Resurrection and the Life (audio included) Lecture: Keith Small; Bradford University, 2007

Understanding God  (video included) - Dialogue: Keith Small, Ali Selim; Royal College of Surgeons; 2006
Who is the real Jesus? Dialogue: Keith Small, Sohail Saeed; Dublin Ireland; 2004
Sin and Forgiveness in Islam and  Christianity Dialogue: Keith Small, Sajat Aslam; Nottingham University; 2003

Messiah in Islam and Christianity Lecture: Keith Small; Durham University; 2000

Issues that really matter Dialogue: Keith Small and Shabbir Ally; Bradford University; 2000

Mutual Misconceptions Article: Keith Small

The Bible: Corrupt or Authentic? Article: Keith Small

The Trinity: Invention or Revelation? Article: Keith Small

Historical Reliability of  Gnostic Gospels Article: Keith Small

The Crucifixion Article: Keith Small

The Gospel of Barnabas Article: Keith Small



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